Meet the Leadership Team at Dadachanji Group of Companies

Kairus Dadachanji, Chairman

Kairus Dadachanji founded Kaisha Manufacturers in 1990, the first company under the Dadachanji Group of Companies that later came to be known as Schott Kaisha (now divested). They were premium manufacturers of pharmaceutical containers. He was responsible for the Dadachanji Group entering the pharmaceutical market.

The Dadachanji Group has always strived for excellence. We started this group as a premium manufacturer of pharmaceutical containers but have since expanded, to become highly diversified. Today we provide over 1.8 billion products worldwide annually. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to the pharma industry by continually improving and upgrading our portfolio.
Rishad Dadachanji, Managing Director

Rishad Dadachanji joined the Dadachanji Group in 2013 and is the Managing Director of the group. Helmed by him, the Dadachanji Group is expanding its global footprint with several new ventures and products added to their portfolio.

I believe constant innovation and development are the only way forward, not just for a company but also for the entire Pharma industry. That is why we invest heavily in R&D and automation services to provide specialized offerings to the Pharma Industry. Our philosophy is one of consistent advancement to offer creative solutions.
Abhishek Bhandari
group Chief Financial Officer

Abhishek Bhandari leads finance, purchase and IT for 6+ companies under the Dadachanji Group. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Bhandari brings with him over 17 years of vast and varied experience across strategic planning, corporate finance, cost management and ERP systems to help scale our group.

Piyush Desai
Operations Director, Sovereign pharma

As the Operations Director of Sovereign Pharma, our WHO-GMP Geneva certified high-quality Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Piyush Desai has over 30 years of experience in the field of formulation manufacturing in parenteral dosage forms.

Pratul Potdar
director, kairish Innotech

For the past 15 years Pratul Potdar has been at the helm of designing, developing and manufacturing premium pharmaceutical machines, medical devices and packaging equipment at the Dadachanji Group. His Mechanical Engineering background and passion for design gives him the prized skill of providing customized solutions for varying customer needs.

Sangeeta Rivankar
Chief Operation Officer, Kaisha Lifesciences

With 30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, Sangeeta Rivankar is a scientific strategist adding immense value to our strategic operations. With her extensive experience in project management, leading R&D teams and scaling new labs, she holds a consistent record of successful deliveries across complex operations.

Nikhil Chugh
Sales head, Kaisha Packaging

Joining the Dadachanji Group over a decade ago, Nikhil Chugh is now the successfully heading the domestic and international sales of Kaisha Packaging. With a strong commerce background, he efficiently manages both, business and development as well as sales profiles and is taking the company to greater heights.

Sanjeev Tewari
Advisor to Management Board, Sovereign Pharma

Handling all the liaison activities at the Dadachanji Group, Sanjeev Tewari has a wide range of expertise and exposure in the pharmaceutical industry. With his techno commercial background, he takes on the role of developing new projects seamlessly coordinating with different agencies.

Zorawar Singh
director and CEO, Kaisha Packwell

With over 3 decades of experience in the Primary Packaging industry, Zorawar Singh fittingly guides our company. He also served as Director and Board Member overseeing operations at Schott Kaisha from 1996 to 2009.

Siddharth Rathore
Managing director, Kaisha packwell

As part of our core team, Siddharth Rathore has been instrumental in running operations at Kaisha Packwell since 2007. Apart from spearheading new projects for the company, Siddharth also oversees the business development & marketing department at Kaisha Packwell.